Dissolve Therapie 

Ein Erfahrungsbericht

For me Dissolve Therapy is truly an amazing gift. It transformed me and my perception of the world around me. The daily practice as well as doing the treatments became an important part of my life, which I don’t want to miss anymore. The method itself is so simple and so clear that everybody can do it. People coming into my clinic with migraine, back pain, whiplash, burnout, depression, panic attacks and so on and my answer is always the same – Dissolve Therapy! It is constantly astonishing that it helps in every case no matter the problem. 

In life we are all searching for something and on an unconscious basic level we are all acting towards it. We are looking for openness, spaciousness and ease of suffering. We want to find release and this is where Dissolve Therapy comes in so valuable. It taught me and every client I had to consciously find release and how to enjoy it. We all have these moments in life, where release just happens. Every time we hug a loved one, look into the sky or into nature, see a puppy or have a laugh with friends. Unfortunately, we are getting caught up in our problems, getting stuck in the darkness and we are unable to appreciate the natural release. All we can see and feel is rooted in contraction – pain, fear, anger, worry, anxiety, etc. Even on a more subtle level, every aversion and dislike we have causes a contraction on some level. The problem starts, when we begin labelling these contractions, creating stories and dramas around it. Dissolve taught me to penetrate that and to become aware of these dynamics. To break the cycle and see things for what they are - simple contractions. This enabled me to find release and return into this open feeling. Finding peace, happiness and joy inside of myself. 

Following, change was set in motion and my life became enriched. Maintaining an open state drastically changed my perception of every aspect of life from food to people up to daily life happenings. It allowed me to see things more clearly with less projections of past demons into the present moment. The same occurred to a client of mine. A woman in her mid 50ies, who successfully beat breast cancer came in for a Dissolve treatment. She still carried the fears, pains and ordeals of the treatment around to a point, where she wanted to refuse every aftercare check-up. Going back into the same hospital brought up all the emotions and pulling her into the past again. After only 1 treatment, the woman was able to go through the check-up, constantly releasing and transforming her fear and anxiety into peace and contentment. From that open state, she made a positive experience out of her hospital visit. To perceive the moment instead of the past and free herself.

Another stunning example is a client suffering from panic attacks for more than 25 years. Having done all kind of treatments, hospital visits and rehabilitation over the years, she still were having panic attacks. Only two Dissolve treatments gave her the empowerment and tools to find release all by herself. The panic attacks were dissolved and the fear replaced with happiness. 

Dissolve taught me how to release habitual tension and to enjoy each release. For me this is a major key aspect and missing in so many other methods. We are too fixated on our problems striving for 100% release or just getting rid of things. Everything less is simply not good enough. But even 0.1% release feels better than before and to appreciate that makes all the difference in the world. To find the light and the beauty in the darkness. Dissolve empowered me to penetrate the darkness to see the light no matter how bleak and dark things might seem. There is always release to be found and enjoyed. The appreciation of every tiny bit sets a dynamic of change in motion. To cultivate the appreciation of each release enabled me to walk the path and transform my life step by step, from release to release and from darkness to light. It brought me alive and opened me for the beauty and joy of each moment. 

The potential and power of the Dissolve Therapy is profound and at least from my perception seems to be endless. One my favourite treatment experiences is reflecting on that. A little girl was born with a structural anomaly leading to a diminished brain development. With 1,5 years she was not able to stand, walk or talk. Her body was full of tension and she struggled with anger outburst. Every week she undergoes diverse treatments to further her development. In the first Dissolve treatment, she didn‘t allow much contact, wary of this new open feeling. Nevertheless, when the mother came in with her daughter for the second treatment, she reported that the girl stood up the day after treatment for the first time in her life. Proudly, the little girl showed me her success and melted into touch. Loving this open new feeling. Only 15 minutes of dissolve treatment brought a huge change and development for this lovely girl. Imagine what a whole Dissolve Session can do for your life?

I couldn’t imagine doing or investing in anything more fulfilling than Dissolve Therapy. I highly recommend it to everybody I meet and so far everyone agreed with me. With each day passing, I become more open, more alive and happier. It is an incredible journey!