03_Saturating Qi_Sending Qi to 4 Limbs

04_Song Gong 1

05_Song Gong 2

07_Song Gong 4

08_Song Gong 5

09_Form_1Road_Teil 1_ Einführung in die Form

10_Form_1.Road_Teil 2_ Ward off left to Grasp Sparrows Tail

11_Form_1.Road_Teil 3_Grasp Sparrows Tail

12_Form_1.Road_Teil 4_Single Whip

13_Form_1.Road_Teil 5_Raise Hands, Shoulder Stroke

14_Form_1.Road_Teil 6_White Crane Spreads Wings, Brush Knee

15_Form_1.Road_Teil 7_Playing the Lute, Brush Knee

16_Form_1.Road_Teil 8_Step Up,Parry, Punch and Apparent Close

17_8 Gates

Kurslektion 1 (Dauer: 1h)

Kurslektion 2 (Dauer: 1.25h)